Editor Control

Editor Control is the place where you can review all created infos, publish, move, copy, edit or delete them.

Here you can view all published infos or all unpublished infos - by sections or at all. You can also select infos for editting. To view the information in your site you should publish infos or whole sections - to do this you should use the "Editor Control". It allows you also to copy, move or delete infos.

Main actions: publish and edit infos.

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Searing INFOS
You can use the “search” function in order to find specific information. Before you start searching, please, bear in mind what section you are in (check the title in the dark blue field). You can also define the number of results to be displayed per page.

Sorting INFOS
For the convenience of the user Face control enables the sorting of the INFOS by: Alphabetical Order, Info Position, Creation Date, Publication Date, Changed Date.

Publishing the Information on the Internet
Choose EDITOR CONTROL in order to publish an information. By default the infos that are not published will be displayed. Choose the respective information and check it. Then click on the publish button.

Preview of an info
Editor Control allows the previewing of theinfo in the layout of the web site before its publishing. Click ot the title of the info and it will open in a new window - so called Normal Preview.  You can easily switch to Expanded Preview where you can see your site with extra system information.

Editing of Infos - Publishing / Unpublishing, Deleting, Moving, Coping

You can also review the INFOS from a specific section that are not published as well as all the INFOS in the section by selecting the section and then clicking the respective buttons.

For example by clicking on the ALL INFOS BUTTON you can view all the published and unpublished INFOS.

You can then select all the INFOS or just one INFO in order to delete them or move / copy them in another section. You can also publish / unpublish them by clicking the respective buttons.

N.B. After you have moved or copied INFO to another section you should then publish it.

The INFOS can be displayed in an alphabetical order, by INFO position, by Creation date, by Publication date or by Date the INFO was last changes. To sort the INFOS just check the respective order and then click ALL INFOS BUTTON.


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