Mail Lists

The Mail List control allows an automatic creation and sending of newsletter. The newsletter performs the function of disseminating the information to the respective users. Different newsletter groups can be defined.

Main actions:create or edit mail lists.

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If you want to send a newsletter to a group of users you should first create a section (Sections Management Control) which type is Mail list. You can then create and edit the message in the Info Entry control. The same rules apply to the Mail List as those for the INFO. The visualization of the message is defined in the Visualization Management control.

When you enter the Mail List Control you should first load the respective Mail list by clicking the LOAD button. You must then enter the following data:
- The Name of Your Company
- Your E-mail
- Your Outgoing Mail Server
If your Mail server requires authentication, check the checkbox and fill in your Account name and Password.

In “Current Mail List Users” you will find the users that are specified for the Mail list you have uploaded. “All Mail List Users” contains the users from all the Mail Lists you have created.

Editing of Users:

  • Delete user from the current mail list – select the e-mail(s) you want to delete and Copy to buffer in order to see what addresses you have selected. Click the Delete button.
  • Add new user – type the user’s e-mail and other information in the Buffer field. Click the Add button.
    Please, keep the format of information when entering a new user: mail; name; company; position; interests 1; interests 2; interests 3; interests 4
  • Add user that exists in All Mail List Users” – activate All Mail List Users” by clicking on it, select the user, Copy to buffer and click Add.
  • Edit user’s information – select the respective user and Copy to Buffer. Change the information in the Buffer field. “All Mail List Users” field should be active. Click the Update button.
  • Edit user’s e-mail – the above mentioned procedure is active only for the user’s information (Name, company, etc.). The e-mail address cannot be changes using the same technique. To change user’s e-mail you should select it in “All Mail List Users” field and then click the Delete button. You should then enter the right address.

Defining messages that will be displayed after user action:

You can define what message will the user see after executing the following actions on you Mail list web page:

  • Empty required field – the user has not filled in one or more of the required fields in the mail list subscription form
  • Successful subscription - the user has been added to your mail list successfully
  • Successful unsubscription - the user has not been added to your mail list
  • Already subscribed – this is the case when the user is already subscribed to your mail list and wants to subscribe
  • Not currently subscribed – the user wants to unsubscribe from the mail list but he is not currently subscribed to it

To add the message for the above mentioned actions choose a section from the left menu and click on Specific INFOS in order to choose one and add it.

You can also PREVIEW and SEND the message by clicking the respective buttons.


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