Site Statistics

The SITE STATISTICS module gives the user the opportunity to keep track of the visits of his web site. The user can choose a specific date or a period of time as well as a specific section of the web site.

SITE STATISTICS module options:

  • Show Info (detailed) detailed description of which sections have been visited an what information has been reviewed
  • Show IP addresses which are the IP addresses of the visitors
  • Show Referrers what is the way of the user to your web site; which search engine has he used
  • Show Internal Search String what has he searched for
  • Show External Search String what has he searched for in the external search engine

The Site Statistics module also gives the user the option to review which IP address what exactly has reviewed. This is done via the IP filter.


View Statistics

1. Select the section you want to collect information for or select All Info Sections to view visits in all sections.

2. Choose the period you want to view statistics for by choosing dates.

3. Select any filter if you want - showing of infos, IP addresses, referrers, etc.

4. Click on the Show button to view generated statistics.


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